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Boone Cutler | Master of Ceremony 

Boone Cutler is an author, columnist, music video director and Warfighter Rights leader that has become the first nationally recognized radio talkshow personality who is also a combat veteran from the current war. Boone’s message is simple, “America has lost faith in what they used to believe were the heroes of Hollywood, America has become disgusted with the political climate of today so the only place to turn to and trust for leadership is the Warfighter”.

He began writing his Iraq War inspired novel "Voodoo in Sadr City" during his combat tour in Iraq and later completed it during his two-year recovery from wartime injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, during the Neglect Scandal of 2007. After his recovery Boone began to see a major void in the Warfighter community and decided to approach Fox News affiliate 99.1 FM Talk with the concept of a new show that focused on national, international and social events based on the Warfighter’s perspective.

In 2011, his show "Tipping Point with Boone Cutler" began and gave him a weekly stage for his raw Paratrooper, no-holds-barred style, quickly becoming a hit over the air waves and online with curious mainstream American listeners, and his fellow Warfighters. 

In June 2014, "Tipping Point with Boone Cutler" began its partnership with KNEWS 107.3 FM in Reno, NV where it can be heard every Saturday.

In 2010, Boone founded the National Warfighter Symposium to bring much needed attention to Warfighter issues such as post combat life changes and especially the alarming Warfighter suicide and homelessness rates. 

America currently loses at least 23 Warfighters (22 veterans + 1 active duty) to suicide every single day. This is a number that Boone has made his mission to combat by his creation of "The Spartan Pledge" for fellow Warfighters to who promise not to take their own lives and instead vow to find a new mission to help one another. He has chosen, founded by Ranger Karl Monger as his signature charity

In 2012, Boone was diagnosed with Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease secondary to a blast-injury in Iraq and is currently starting to campaign for more awareness on the issue in the Warfighter Community. 

Governor Sandoval of Nevada appointed Boone to the Inter-agency Council on Veteran Affairs for the 2012/2013 term. He is also very involved with the arts and works as music video producer / director for REDCON-1 MUSIC GROUP after seeing first the healing effects of music therapy.

In 2014, Boone became the national spokesperson for the Warfighter Rights' Movement whose mission is to end Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder phobia that results in discrimination against Warfighters in employment, housing and the judicial process. 

Veterans Awards Ceremony

2015 Veterans Awards, Kate Walsh and Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, Thomas Marlatt

2015 Veterans Awards, Kate Walsh and Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, Thomas Marlatt

2015 Veterans Awrads

2015 Veterans Awrads

2015 Veterans Awards

2015 Veterans Awards