Dear Supporter: 


Every Veteran deserves to have a voice in our American community. Every single service member on active duty, in transition or separated from the military has a right to live a meaningful and sustainable life.

As Veterans, we all believe in an old fashion conviction called public service. We wear our title of Veteran as a badge of honor. As brothers and sisters in arms, we are called to confirm our values and our vows, to hold them against a hard reality and see how we are measuring up to the legacy of those who served before us and will serve long after us. As a community of Americans, we have the same responsibility of reaffirming principles with respect to our nation’s finest, our Service Members. Together, we are stronger and more impactful in making America aware of our needs and in shining a light on organizations and programs that truly have made an impact in our communities across America.

As members of the Academy of United States Veterans, we believe that our obligation to our community of service members is principally vital. We channel our contribution effectively in the advocacy and outreach process and in ensuring that decision makers and supporters hear the needs of our Veterans with clarity.

The Academy of United States Veterans has been established to educate and advocate through recognition and organization on behalf of all Veterans to ensure a promising future post-military service.

Last fall, we decided to bring the community of our fellow Veterans together through an accountability platform for every Veteran Service Organization across our great nation. The plan worked! Shortly after the 2015 Veterans Awards an ocean of letters and emails came our way expressing the most humbling appreciation from our brothers and sisters. Our fellow Veterans praised us for providing them with a chance to come together on Veterans Day and receiving the recognition they deserve.

This year’s awards ceremony will take place in conjunction with our Vettys Inaugural Ball, which will once again bring together our fellow Veterans to celebrate service, sacrifice and honor.

It will be a glorious night. We hope that you find our cause worthy of your support and decide to join us.

Assal Ravandi


Academy of United States Veterans